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Liggett Trail Education Center

At 44,000 square feet, the roof of the Liggett Trail Education Center is one of this year's largest standing seam roof installations in the Kansas City area. In addition, the roof was engineered as a "cool" roof meaning that it is designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Ratings for "cool metal roofs" are assigned based on ability to reflect the sun's energy (reflectivity) and its ability to quickly emit the energy that it absorbs (emissivity). This can greatly reduce cooling costs and expand a roof's life. For the Liggett Trail Education Center, the roof installed has a reflectivity of 50% and an emissivity of 85%. This makes it one of the "coolest" roofs around.

This installation included:

  • 44,000 sq. ft. of Snap-Seam architectural standing metal roof system produced by AEP-Span.
  • Ice & watershield underlayment over 1/2" OSB sheathing
  • Three inches of ISO ridged insulation mechanically fastened through to the metal deck.
  • Seven skylight systems fabricated by Major Industries which included aluminum extruded frames with triple laminated translucent glazing.
  • 2,000 linear feet fascia system.
  • 1,000 linear feet gutter systems
  • Downspouts custom fabricated inhouse.
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"The roof on the center is beautiful. The Liggett Trail Education Center is a dream come true in many ways for the parents, teachers, and staff. The building blends in with the surrounding environment, and we appreciate that the roof is environmentally friendly."

Patty Mohn
Liggett Trail Education Center

"The high degree of workmanship exhibited on this installation indicates that your firm takes great care and pride in the installation of products on the projects you are involved in."

Donald V. Wills
Vice President
JD Day & Co.

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